Be counted for Peace

The Friend

Effigy to hold the names of those who have died and especially those killed by violence in our country.
2023: Revivng "The Friend", a papier mâché effigy we create to hold the names of any and all people we wish to remember, celebrate and honor who have died. ...

The Invitation

Worldwide Invitation Queer Fires for Peace
Peoples through out recorded history have used the light and warmth of fire ceremonies to set forth an intention. We invite you to join together with people around the world to hold the intention for peace in our world.


Simple ways to combine our energies for peace
Do whatever action you might to send our combined intentions for peace. Light a candle, do a ceremony, post on social media that you stand in solidarity for peace or create your own way to participate..

On Saturday October 14th.
Join us at 18th and Castro at 1PM